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Feel stuck in a rut or ill-equipped to change things up, get creative, or be spontaneous due to requests/injuries in your sequencing? This seminar/workshop is geared to yoga teachers certified at the 200-hr level and beyond. If you haven't had much guidance in understanding sequencing, particularly in how it relates to the parts of the body and how it works to open or strengthen those parts, and you don't have the funds or time to commit to a 300-hr training, join me SEPT 14 (Sunday) from 1-3 pm! (it's seriously only $25 for 2 hrs...unless you're last minute about it 

Seeking continuing education marks that much like yoga a teacher is willing to question, learn and build his/her teaching. I am constantly learning and honing my practice as well as teaching, and it is my pleasure to share all of the knowledge I've attained over the years because it's too good to have on my own. Hope to see you there! 

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