For Jeni, spirituality and faith has always been integral to all aspects of her life. An athlete from childhood, Jeni began her yoga journey at the gym in the mid 90s and initially approached yoga as she had with dancing, running, and soccer thinking of yoga as a purely physical practice. Yet, when Jeni began to practice Bikram Yoga in 2006, she suddenly felt the power of yoga: the physical, mental, and spiritual paths in her life blissfully merged.
Left wanting to know more, Jeni studied Ashtanga and Anusara-inspired Vinyasa yoga disciplines and has found a beautiful medium in her practice and teaching.  She completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training at Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla under the direction of Gerhard Gessner and Jeanie Carlstead. As the practice of yoga is an on-going self-discovery, Jeni continues to be inspired by her two primary mentors and takes classes with master teachers wherever she goes. She has received her 500-hr certification through YogaWorks under the mentorship of Stacy McCarthy. It is her passion to continue to grow and share in the journey and thus has been co-leading the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training at Bird Rock Yoga.

Jeni’s classes are vigorous, creative, safe and uplifting while empowering students to seek inner paths of discovery and improvement. She especially enjoys and is known for unique sequencing and smooth transitions that make sense with the body and the direction of each class as well as on-the-spot individualized instruction for troubleshooting difficult asanas. With particular attention to anatomy, she hopes to instill in her students how to manage injuries or preventative care of spine and joints. More than anything, she hopes that her students can just have fun and kick their fears to the curb!
Jeni, who is fluent in Korean, has traveled widely and enjoyed success in a variety of careers: from singing to teaching overseas. She is currently the Director at Elite Educational Institute of San Diego and helps students with their academic careers.

It is an utter joy to know that the triumphs and struggles on the mat can also translate to life off the mat: 
be still, surrender, let peace reign, always learn, build, accept, and love.

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