Monday, August 27, 2012

Be Love Clothing

BE LOVE, an equally fashionable and eco-friendly apparel that is good for Yoga or for showing off your urban hipster chic with a cause. 10% of the proceeds goes to Common Peace that creates an education of peace and non-violent resolution of conflicts. Their “t-shirts communicate a message of strength, compassion and loving determination for peace and social justice.” 

Compassion and kindness is definitely something I personally strive for on a daily basis not only in my yoga teachings, but in my daily dealings with the people I encounter. Of course non-violence, but non-competitive, non-jealous, and non-vindictive actions are something I hope to bring to my circle as well...then to my community, then to my country, then to my world. It starts with you. Don’t worry about what others aren’t doing or what they did wrong and why you’re better. When I was a kid my dad once said: the minute you point your finger at someone your other fingers are pointing at you. That stuck with me. Worry only about what YOU do and the molecules of energy and awareness in the world WILL SHIFT.

Remember, your seva doesn’t have to be FAR-REACHING...the impact that you make within your family, your circle of friends, and your community just by BEing LOVE is exactly where you should be.

Support good causes always with the threads you wear BECAUSE it feels good inside and out! 

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